We understand that limited resources, geographical location, size of the facility, and not knowing how to set up training can present significant challenges and obstacles.  We can help you provide your staff with practical, effective, reality based,  hands-on training to meet your goals and objectives. Our B.E.C.O.N. course is an all encompassing program for Schools (nationally certified), Workplaces, Hospitals, and Places of Worship.  We can even certify your staff as B.E.C.O.N. Instructors to sustain your training program and prepare your staff for an Active Shooter/Killer Event (ASE).

Our Company

Since 1969, BSR/Summit Point Training Center has been providing proactive reality based training experiences to the community and governmental clientele.  The spirit and driving force behind the development of our courses is that we see what is going on in our society today and we want to help.  Through our training, we instill our participants with a higher level of confidence and give them the tools necessary to implement proactive measures in their planning, preparation, training and response in highly volatile and stressful emergency situations.  We pride ourselves by giving the most professional reality based delivery possible that is cost effective.  We will not say we are the best, but you will have a hard time finding anyone that does it better.  

IADLEST National Certification Program™ is a nationally recognized program that assist states in establishing effective and defensible standards for employment and training of law enforcement officers, and, in those states where dual responsibility exists, correctional personnel.

B.E.C.O.N. meets the creators of the JACOBS Kit Initiative

As with any training course, research has to be done and information needs sought to produce the best quality product in training and experience that expresses best practice, up-to-date information and relativity.  With our Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness...

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