History of B.E.C.O.N.

The Active Shooter Preparedness Program at BSR was implemented in 2014 through the realization that encounters with a violent incident in the workplace, school facility, hospitals, places of worship, and even open venues were occurring at an increasingly alarming rate.

Through these incidents, leadership and facilities abroad have learned various methods on developing and implementing policies and procedures on how to better mitigate these situations utilizing “Lock-down” procedures. Additionally, we are seeing trends in training such as the 45 minute “online” course or the two hour talk and then we check the box as completing our annual emergency training requirement. Though informative, there is no mental or physical retention in learning with these two methods.  How is someone going to know that they are capable of doing what is necessary to save their lives or the lives of others if they have never put their actions or their plan to the test? As we have evolved, so has the threat. We have learned through historical events that evolution in our procedures, policies, and training cannot lay dormant until the next situation occurs.  Though it is a good start, we can no longer rely on “Lock-down” alone, or have the mentality that “It will never happen here”or “What we have is enough for now”, there is so much more that can be done.  At the very least, it is better to be prepared and nothing to have happened, than to have something happen and not be prepared at all.

As with all our BSR courses, the driving force behind the development of the B.E.C.O.N. program was to get people to increase their chances of survivability by exercising and implementing proactive measures in the planning, preparation, training, and event phases of an Active Shooter Incident. With emphasis being placed on reality based training and preparation for an Active Shooter Event (ASE), BSR focused on developing an all-encompassing program that gives workplace management, school faculty, School Resource Officers, Hospital staff, and religious leadership the tools necessary to increase their chances of survival that be easily retained, instills confidence and is cost effective.  You will not find another course that offers so much for so little of a cost.

We want to ensure our clients understand that the purpose of the B.E.C.O.N. program is NOT to change policy, but simply to provoke thought, collaboration and provide an effective means of training that agencies and/or organizations can utilize to promote consistency in a proactive response in emergency events.