As with any training course, research has to be done and information needs sought to produce the best quality product in training and experience that expresses best practice, up-to-date information and relativity.  With our Active Shooter Emergency Preparedness Program called B.E.C.O.N. (Barricade, Egress, Control, Oppose and Notify), such research is continually being conducted.  Our program constantly seeks validated information to implement within the program that is practical and cost effective to all audiences.  In this research, we found the JACOBS Kit Initiative, founded by Daniel Byrne and his wife Angela.  The trauma kit was named after Jacob Hall, a 6-year-old student wounded in a 2016 school shooting in Townsville, SC. An off-duty firefighter was able to tackle and subdue the shooter, but not until one of the stray bullets struck a young boy  That boy’s name was Jacob Hall.

Jacob survived the wound but died three days later due to massive blood loss. Burton chose to name the kit after Jacob not only to remember him, but also to emphasize to teachers and staff the relative importance of the kit and their training .  This approach is in keeping with the Presidential Policy Directive 8 National Preparedness Goal as well as national security priorities. Additionally, this is in line with the direction of national- and state-level emergency preparedness, as well as federal and state funding grant resources.  With community resiliency and the national preparedness system in mind, to include that there were 325 School Shootings in 2017 alone, Daniel Byrne and his wife felt that there were continued risks within the response system that needed to be a

ddressed to efficiently mitigate a school shooting. The primary risk that was identified was delay in medical treatment of the wounded and they wanted to get the point across that “You are the help until help arrives”.

The creator of the B.E.C.O.N. program, Nathan Harmon, contacted Daniel Byrne and spoke with him about this initiative.  Their primary goal was to get this Stop the Bleed (STB) program and JACOBS kit out to as many schools and community service facilities as possible.  Daniel Byrne described the purpose of the initiative and it became immediately apparent that Daniel and his wife have a deep seeded desire, drive and passion in this initiative and emergency preparedness in their community.   Daniel described the contents of the JACOBS kit: 1- CAT 2 tourniquet, 1 pressure bandage/dressing, 2 pks. of packing guaze, 2 pair of gloves, a pair of scissors and 2 chest seals all neatly packaged in a highly visible small red bag that is extremely cost effective at $46.98, made exclusively by North American Rescue

talogsearch/result/index/products/1/?q=Jacobs+kit.  These Kits can be strategically located throughout any building and classroom where it is easily accessible.  After speaking with Daniel Byrne, it was immediately obvious that this training and kit be shared with as many communities as possible and incorporated within one of the workshops the B.E.C.O.N. program does during their training courses.  The B.E.C.O.N. program prides itself on providing the most relevant cost effective hands on training it can, whereas the students can get their hands on things and practice to walk away from the course with increased confidence and retention of the B.E.C.O.N. strategies.

After speaking with Dan Byrne on numerous occasions, I felt it necessary to share this initiative and not keep this initiative exclusively with the B.E.C.O.N. program.  It was time to bring this JACOBS Kit initiative in front of the Berkeley County Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) in Berkeley County WV whereas I have been a member for over 3 years.  Unanimously, the LEPC agreed to the initiative and subsequently formed the Stop the Bleed Sub-Committee, in which I am Chairmen.  Since the forming of the Stop the Bleed Sub-Committee, we have had growing success and participation from the members, incorporating innovated ideas and seeking grant funding resources to help aid the initiative since the sub-committee’s inception in February 2019.  We have had a proclamation done by the Berkeley County Council, awarded some grant funding, received Congressional recognition/representation and have trained multiple Instructors and participants in the STB training.

As we moved further with the JACOBS Initiative, I provided Dan Byrne and his wife with updates on how things were going.  They were very pleased to see our progress with their initiative, so much so, they invited me to come and speak at the Oct. 8th – 12th 2019 Firehouse Expo in Nashville TN.  It was here where I would meet in person for the first time a fellow Marine and firefighter, Daniel Byrne, and his wife, Angela Byrne, a Teacher/Educator, establishing a newly found close friendship.  Dan and his wife wanted me to speak on behalf of our sub-committee’s efforts and how we started the JACOBS Kit Initiative journey.  Words cannot describe how rewarding it was to meet everyone and speak on behalf of the JACOBS Kit Initiative, but most importantly to all those in attendance about how important the initiative was and getting the information out to masses.  A personal thank you goes out to Daniel Byrne and his wife Angela for inviting me as your guest, our newly found friendship and making me and our B.E.C.O.N. program part of the JACOBS Kit Initiative family.  You can find additional information at