As an Active Shooter Instructor for the state of WV,  unfortunately I have to research every Active Shooter incident that arises, and sadly, I see them more and more often than I could have ever imagined.  Each incident increases my drive and dedication of getting this B.E.C.O.N. Active Shooter training out there, advocating for the victims and preparing our communities to be more proactive and better prepared.  I want to take them past the fruitless “push button” computer courses or the “seminars”.  Don’t get me wrong, its a good start…….but that is all it is……a start.  You will not know if your capable or have the confidence in doing what needs to be done by sitting in a chair and listening to someone talk for a few hours.  We need hands-on training, reality based scenarios and videos and seminars are not going to give us the confidence we need to do what is right in a stressful situation.  You wouldn’t immediately go jumping into the water to swim for the first time by watching a video nor would you go jump in a car to drive the first time by watching a seminar.  When our lives depend on it, hands-on training is irreplaceable.  As I read the story of this 8 yr. old boy, Jacob Hall, and the senseless act that surrounded his death. I felt compelled to get involved in this initiative and present this program to West Virginia communities.  This program fits in with the NPG and DHS Stop the Bleed campaign   Help keep his spirit alive with this initiative by showing your support and advocating through social media that getting one of these kits in every classroom across the state not only better prepares us for emergencies, but also strengthens our communities resiliency. – Nathan Harmon

Lead a #JACOBkit program for your community to increase community preparedness and resiliency by helping and enabling bystanders to become Immediate Responders. The key to the #JACOBkit program is its identity, universality, and maintainability. Identity – they are known as JACOB Kits so everyone in the community and emergency services know what they are. Universality – they are universally located so everyone knows where they are. Maintainability – they are maintained through annual inspection and training so kits and citizens remain in a constant state of readiness.  The #JACOBkit program is in accordance with PPD-8, National Preparedness Goal, DHS Stop the Bleed, and the Hartford Consensus.  We do not sell the kits but advocate for, and assist, people in becoming leaders in national security and resiliency for their community.  For more information please email  Please watch the video that explains the story and the initiative: :

The first-grader lost 75 percent of his blood from a bullet, which pierced his femoral artery in his thigh. He was rushed to Greenville Health System Children’s Hospital, where he had multiple surgeries after going into cardiac arrest.  Three days after the incident he succumb to his wound and passed.  The Hall family and their legal counsel still believe and are committed to the fact that had the proper school safety procedures and first-aid medical equipment been available on September 28, 2016, this tragedy could have been avoided.  Stated the The Dunaway Law Firm, LLC representing the Estate of Jacob Hall.  “Jacob will be with us forever and always in our hearts. I love you little brother and I can’t wait till the day we meet again,” Gerald Gambrell, Jacob’s brother wrote.