A collaboration of two twin brothers come together to use their passion and expertise in Emergency Preparedness to help a local church understand how to better prepare and protect themselves in the event of an “Active Shooter”.  West Virginia State Trooper Cpl. Isaac M. Harmon and BSR’s Nathan A. Harmon met at Christian Missionary Assembly of Morgantown, Morgantown, WV whom hosted the safety awareness course – “Protect the Flock”, for various congregations Tuesday, March 20th, 2018 to teach churchgoers on the importance of preparedness and safety.  The brother’s taught participants how to be safe in the place of worship, what signs to look for in a potentially violent person and what actions to take. Organizers hope that churchgoers can be ready for the worst so another massacre can be prevented.  “The plan to respond to that violence and to respond to it appropriately, so today’s efforts are to get churches thinking preparation and starting to plan,” WVSP Cpl. Isaac Harmon.

Nathan Harmon of Bill Scott Raceway (BSR – Summit Point Training Center- www.bsr-inc.com) showed those in attendance what to do. One of the demonstrations showed that anyone can take down another person despite their size and how to work in a group to take down the threat.  As a father, trainer and former law enforcement officer Nathan Harmon understands the necessity to get citizens to be more proactive in their response when finding themselves in an emergency situation.  “We do not learn how to swim by watching a video nor do we learn how to drive watching a seminar.  Historically when we look at establishing skill sets that, if not performed properly, could result in serious injury or death, we develop hands-on reality-based training to become proficient at those skill sets………our very lives depend on it”- Nathan A. Harmon.  Statistically, 40% of events studied since 2000 showed that the resolve of the end of the event came from civilian intervention prior to police arrival.  How rural is your workplace, place of worship, hospital or school location and how would this affect police response?

One quote to memorize:  Chaos, Panic and Fear can never be eliminated, only minimized……….through planning, preparation and training.  We need reality based hands-on experiences to retain “procedural memory” (muscle memory) and when the situation calls for it, our brain can say “we’ve been here before, we know what to do” in the midst of the chaos.