Instructor Training

At BSR, all of our courses are designed to increase the participant’s chances of surviving an emergency situation. We will not say we are the best at what we do, but we will say “You will have a hard time finding a place that does it better”.  We take great pride and effort into developing the most proactive reality based courses and we want to share them with you.

We all have the same goal, that is, let’s get this information out there to those who can distribute it effectively and efficiently to help save lives. Though you may know a lot, have experienced a lot and do your current job really well with confidence, you may find it difficult to be able to relay the information you know when it comes time to teach others. The best part is, the work has been done for you through years of exhaustive research and development within our B.E.C.O.N. program.

The “Instructor” course is a continuation from the B.E.C.O.N. programs 8 hour course. Within day 2 of this course:

  • We will talk about how to build your B.E.C.O.N. Active Shooter Preparedness Course
  • We are going to briefly discuss how to sustain your B.E.C.O.N. program
  • You will become knowledgeable and confident about the subject matter you are going to cover
  • We will provide “reliable” and “accurate” information from viable sources
  • You will be able to take that information and make it interactive and interesting to your target audience


We cover numerous topics, such as:

  • knowing your target audience
  • maintaining a visually appealing and entertaining presentation
  • teaching methods
  • participant interaction and involvement
  • safe practical exercise building
  • course evaluation

To conclude the course, we will have each participant individually teach a portion of the course through an assigned topic with given time for research and study prior to presenting it.

Upon your successful graduation of the “Instructor” level course, you will receive login privileges to our B.E.C.O.N. web site (information will be provided upon graduation). Here you will find all your resources, presentations, lesson plans, and assistance that you will need to further your endeavors as a certified B.E.C.O.N. Instructor.

Though the B.E.C.O.N. strategies must remain the same, we understand that evolution is unavoidable and should be sought. It is for this very reason why we will reevaluate the curriculum and update it as needed for you so that you will have and be able to present the most current information out there.

This course is approved for in-service requirements for West Virginia law enforcement officers by the West Virginia Law Enforcement Professional Standards (LEPS) Subcommittee.

IADLEST (International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training) National Certification Program is a nationally recognized program that assist states in establishing effective and defensible standards for employment and training of law enforcement officers, and, in those states where dual responsibility exists, correctional personnel.

IADLEST National Certification Program Logo The Instructor course is a continuation from the B.E.C.O.N. programs 8 hour course. Though you may know a lot, you may find it difficult to teach others.

Training Schedule

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