Places of Worship

Because places of worship are often open to the public, they have become more vulnerable to the increasingly senseless acts of violence.Violent incidents happen several times each year at churches across the country. Because places of worship are often open to the public, they have become more vulnerable to the increasingly senseless acts of violence.

The church, a place where tradition use to be held as a place of sanctuary, is feeling the viciousness of the outside world spilling inside its doors. They are no longer safe havens and church leaders of all denominations are being challenged with providing an inviting and loving environment without being mistaken for an easy target. Some churches now have armed security guards walking the perimeter of the facitlity during services while others have church leaders carrying concealed weapons.

Churches can no longer afford to ignore security. These facilities are considered “soft targets”.  These are places that are easily accessible by terrorists, disgruntled spouses and common criminals. Most congregations are under prepared or not prepared at all for these risks. A 2009 report published by the Christian Security Network outlines 1,237 crimes against Christian churches. The offenses include 12 homicides, 38 other violent incidents including: 3 sexual assaults, 3 kidnappings, 98 arsons and over 700 burglaries resulting in more than $24 million in property loss.

B.E.C.O.N. is an all-encompassing course that builds confidence and increases chances of survivability through a series of non-sequential options exercised in an emergency situation. Our course provides you with a more holistic view of the Active Shooter/Killer that can assist in identifying potentially violent persons with additional information that will give you a deeper understanding of historical Active Shooter Events. We not only tell you how, we show you how, and then have you put these options to the test within our course through reality based hands-on practical exercises that will result with you walking away with an escalated level of confidence to proactively respond effectively to an emergency situation.

We realize that most often, places of worship may not have the necessary budget, congregates that have security experience, or the knowledge on how to establish an effective training plan.  Through our B.E.C.O.N. “Instructor” certification course, you can sustain your training needs.  We can come to you and hold a 2 day B.E.C.O.N. “Instructor” certification course.  You can have a portion of your congregates to attend the 1 day B.E.C.O.N. course for familiarization and your deacons, elders, and/or security team attend the 2nd day to certify as a B.E.C.O.N. Instructor.  Upon successful completion of the 2 day “Instructor” course, your certified B.E.C.O.N. Instructors will have access to valuable resources through the “Instructor Log-In” on our website.  This will give you the ability to continue to safeguard your church and sustain a proactive training schedule. 

4 hr. BECON course (up to 24 Students)
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2-day BECON Instructor Course
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