“WASHINGTON – More and more police officers across the country are being outfitted with small trauma kits.  These nondescript black packs attached to the back of the passenger seat headrest in police cruisers have been powerful when it comes to saving lives in an emergency.  In the three years that Prince George’s County police officers have had the tactical first-aid kits, or “tac-kits” they have saved the lives of 16 citizens with them.  The kits were initially meant to treat police officers who had been wounded, said Police Cpl. George Harley.  “Generally when we’re wounded, we’re in what’s called a “hot zone,” where there’s still shots being fired.”  The fire department or emergency personnel cant go into a hot zone to treat a wounded officer until the scene is secure.  Harley said that could mean life or death for the wounded officer.

But since they have gotten the kits, officers have been using them more often to save the lives of citizens at various shooting and stabbing scenes.  Harley said the kits have been used 66 times, and only once was it used on an officer.” – How tactical first-aid kits are helping police save local lives – By Kathy Stewart, WTOP

This is extremely important for citizens and B.E.C.O.N. attempts to get any practical information out there for those “in-charge” to make the right investments and decisions when it comes to protecting their employees or those they are tasked with safeguarding.  We emphasize to be proactive and not event action based or choose not to do anything until an event occurs then make improvements, that “knee jerk reaction” to an event.  It should not have to take an incident occurring where innocent people get injured or worse, killed, before we decide to invest our budgets into training and equipment that could save lives.  We should always be reevaluating our current policies, procedures, equipment and staff skills to identify and address vulnerabilities BEFORE an incident occurs at our facility or near us.  A trauma kit that can be worn by floor supervisors, security, in and around our workplaces can make all the difference in the world while awaiting for our first responders……..every second counts.  Seek your local law enforcement agencies assistance on picking out quality products that are PRACTICAL for your needs without killing the budget.

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