“The information and the exercises were an eye opener, even for someone in the court system. I am more prepared to increase my survivability as well as my staff. I will recommend this course to everyone I know. We all need to be informed and prepared for the unexpected.”

Laura Storm

Circuit Court Clerk (Elected Official), Jefferson County

“Excellent course. The shot exposure made a very good point”

Keith Toomey

Special Agent

“Very well detailed – clear & concise – yet in-depth”

Sheri Hoff

Schools Attendance Principal, Jefferson County, WV

Training was great!!! Hands-on scenarios were great along with firing of actual firearms.  The videos, presentation, and statistical info was very helpful as well as getting to see actual firearms.

Gayann Veach

Chief Quality Officer/Risk Manager/Employee Health, Grant Memorial Hospital

The Instructor was very knowledgeable.  He presented a lot of good things to think about. We need to make a lot of changes at the hospital.

Hope Kvlehan

Medical, Grant Memorial Hospital

“Nice blend of classroom/practical exercises, signs of what to look for were excellent, and loved the class participation/team concept. I walked away learning a lot.”

Mike Berry

Secret Service (Retired)

“BECON is great for school and commercial settings”

Mike Ellinger

Sgt., Frederick County Sheriffs Office, VA

“Very good and professional, we need more classes like this for in-service training where the instructor comes to the local police departments.”

Frank Longwell

Chief, Benwood Police Dept., Wheeling, WV

Loved that it was realistic with scenarios and gunshots! I have nothing but good to say about the course. I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I would definitely like to do it again. I will be more aware of my surroundings all the time.

Kim Linville

Medical, Grant Memorial Hospital

“I think everything was perfect. I felt as if I am walking away with a lot of useful knowledge”

Brandon Clyde

Officer, Grant Town PD, WV

“Good defensive, reactive course”

Andrew Miller

Sr. Trooper, West Virginia State Police- Charlestown, WV

I liked the curriculum with the mixture of case studies, statistics, tactics and exercises.  The exercises really pulled things together for me.  I feel much more prepared to assess individual situations for the best action, as opposed to a one-size-fits-all response.

Teresa Snyder

Medical, Grant Memorial Hospital

This course will save lives!!! Excellent presentation applicable to our facility.

Katharine See

Medical, Grant Memorial Hospital

“Excellent! Great scenarios to inspire critical thinking and problem solving skills with an active shooter situation.”

Dr. Tana Burkhart

School Principal, Opequon Elementary, Berkeley County, WV

“Overall Excellent”

Calvin Wilmer

Deputy, Berkeley County Sheriffs Office, WV

Excellent! The agenda and curriculum covered every aspect and the hands on experience assisted us in applying and then critiquing our reactions.  The display table was very helpful and the safety equipment and explanations for everything was exceptional!  I would recommend this course to other hospitals and businesses.

Mary Beth Barr

CEO , Grant Memorial Hospital

Very good!! Made me stop and think about things and how to prepare for an active shooter.  I have a different way of thinking after the presentation.  the presentation was excellent and easy to follow and made things/subject fit to hospital setting.

Paula Combs

Medical, Grant Memorial Hospital