Statistically, workplace violence (including Active Shooter Events) have the highest percentage of occurrence compared to schools, hospitals and churches.Statistically, workplace violence (including Active Shooter Events) have the highest percentage of occurrence when compared to schools, hospitals and places of worship. It is no secret that upper management has to deal with overhead and may have to contend with paying their employees while they go through this training. When we look at the bigger picture, having an effective training plan statistically improves overall work performance and productivity because you are providing a safer work atmosphere by making your employees feel safer.

We feel that the major battle with training in regards to workplaces is that most often businesses rely too heavily on “online” training versus reality based hands on practical training. You have to ask yourself “How much of this online training will I retain?”. “How do I know that what the online course is teaching really works?”. Now ask yourself “If I do not know how to swim, and watch an “online” video on how to swim, would I actually be able to physically do it without drowning?”.  I would venture to say, when your life depends on it, you would not take that risk.

B.E.C.O.N. is an all-encompassing course that builds on confidence and increases the chances of survival through a series of non-sequential options exercised in an Active Shooter Event (ASE) situation. Our course provides you with a more holistic view of the Active Shooter/Killer. We will provide you with a more detailed understanding of historical ASE’s that can assist us in identifying potentially violent persons.

We not only tell you how, we show you how.  We will then have you put these strategies to the test within our course.  You will get reality based hands-on practical exercises that will leave you walking away with an escalated level of confidence to be proactive and respond effectively to an ASE.

You may be asking yourself “This is a good course, but how am I going to train all my staff?” Through our B.E.C.O.N. “Instructor” certification program, you can have some of your employees certify as an “Instructor” and sustain your own Active Shooter training at your facility at your own pace.  You may choose to have 10 employees attend the 1 day 8 hr. basic course, whereas 3 of those 10 employees stay for day 2 of the B.E.C.O.N. “Instructor” certification.  By doing this, those that attended the 1 day 8 hour course can assist your 3 certified B.E.C.O.N. Instructors with sustaining the remainder of your training needs and requirements.  

4 hr. BECON course (up to 24 Students)
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2-day BECON Instructor Course
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